Grandma’s Yeast is
Media 20 March 2019

Grandma’s Yeast is "Superbrand 2019" and "The Brand of the Decade"

We are pleased to announce that Lesaffre Polska SA and the product Grandma’s Yeast were re-awarded the title of Superbrand 2019 - Quality, Trust, Reputation. At the same time, we are the winner of a special prize for the product Grandma’s Yeast - the title and emblem of "The Brand of the Decade"!

Good Brand - Quality, Trust, Reputation is a nationwide promotional program organized for nine years, which aims to select the best, most trusted and reputable brands in particular industries.

In recent years, Polish consumers have faced thorough changes in their lifestyle and consumption habits. In today's world, it is increasingly difficult for us to choose the right product or service from the wide and ever-expanding offer. To meet the contemporary consumer needs, the Good Brand Program - Quality, Trust, and Reputation helps in choosing the best brand in a given category.

It is the clients and their opinion that shape the actions of all companies which makes awards based on consumer research particularly important. Editorial offices of the Business Forum and Business Trends carry out research aimed at determining the value, activity and recognition of brands in particular categories. The analysis covers, among others: the market position of the brand and its strength, the quality presented by a given product or service and the degree of consumer confidence

Superbrand - Quality, Trust, Reputation is a prize awarded to the three-time winners of the Good Brand program - Quality, Trust, Reputation. The awarded brands are distinguished primarily by the constant trust of consumers and clients, enduring reputation of the brand, invariably high market position and its strength as well as the quality offered by a given product or service.

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