Bioorganic products from Lesaffre
New products 21 May 2018

Bioorganic products from Lesaffre

Full range of organic products from Lesaffre

  1. I'Hirondell Bioorganic compressed yeast
  2. Ibis Organic Sweet Cake
  3. Ibis Organic Bread
  4. Inactive Organic Spelt Sourdough
  5. Organic CRÈME DE LEVAIN

Leaflets and details of the above products can be downloaded.

The European Union regulates the rules for organic products - Lesaffre is up to date!

EU regulations limit the use of organic product labels on products containing at least 50% of ingredients from agricultural crops. In addition, at least 95% of the ingredients from the crops must be organic.

Yeast does not come from agricultural crops. However, as of January 1, 2014, under the provisions of the European Commission, the obligation to recognize yeast as an agricultural product during the determination of the organic composition of products was introduced.

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