Antibac is an improver that counteracts development of the so-called potato disease (bread threadiness)

It prevents spoilage of bread caused by the development of aerobic bacteria from the Bacillus group, including Bacillus subtilis.

Antibac not only regulates the acidity of the bread, but also positively affects the volume of the dough and improves its stability during processing. Using Antibac improver ensures safety of baked products, in particular during the summer when the growth of bacteria occurs more rapidly. The fact that the use of Antibac improver does not introduce changes to the technological process and does not create a strange smell in bread is its additional advantage.

Additional information:
  • Available packages: 25 kg sack
  • Directions for use: 0.5% of used flour weight, i.e. 0.5 kg mix for 100 kg flour