Carski Bread
Carski Bread

Carski is a high quality 50% bakery mix for the production of wheat bread

It contains only natural ingredients. The unique combination of wheat sourdough and barley malt gives the bread made from Carski mix the original, sublime flavor. The use of potato flakes makes the baked goods have an extremely delicate aroma and an interesting, spongy crumb structure.

Carski ideally goes with aromatic Multigrain sprinkles - new product in company’s portfolio, an aromatic Mediterranean sprinkle composed of: brown flaxseed, golden flaxseed, sesame, sunflower seeds, salt, black cumin, a mixture of spices. Decor of Multigrain enriches the bread with valuable nutrients contained in whole grains and significantly increases the visual aspect of bread. The duet of Carski & Multigrain surprises even the most demanding gourmets.

Additional information:
  • Available units: Bag 25 kg
  • Dosage: 50% of used flour weight, i.e. 50 kg mix for 50 kg flour (directly into flour before kneading)
  • Product with Clean Label
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