Sielski (Idyllic)

IDYLLIC is a 50% mix based on carefully selected – purely natural ingredients, half of which include: brown flax seeds and Chia seeds (Spanish sage)

Chia are small grains from Mexico which are highly hydrophilic and very rich in fiber. The unquestionable advantage of Chia seeds are their high Omega-3 fatty acids content (among others alpha-linolenic acid, which helps maintain the proper level of blood cholesterol). The beneficial effects occur when the daily intake of ALA is 2g, i.e. approximately 2 slices of Idyllic bread. Chia seeds combined with flax seeds create a perfectly harmonious duet. Thanks to its high content of seeds, Idyllic bread has an extremely interesting, elastic crumb structure and a distinct taste and aroma. All unnecessary additives were eliminated during the creation of the formula – the product has the so called “clean label”.

Additional information:
  • Available units: bag 25 kg
  • Dosage: 50% of used flour weight, i.e. 50 kg mix for 100 kg flour (directly into flour before kneading).
  • Product with Clean Label
Files to download: