STAR'BAKE Pizza Blend

Blends for pizzas are a complex solution for pizza restaurants

Applying these blends ensures a fast and safe method of making three types of pizza: Traditional, American and Roman. STAR’BAKE blends are composed of ingredients necessary for optimum fermentation, dough improvement and extraordinary flavour. STAR’BAKE blends are a modern solution for the HoReCa market, that is the market of Hotels, Restaurants and Catering.

American pizza blend

Fluffy and captivating American pizza blend is the key to a successful preparation of American style pizza from a pan with a captivating taste and aroma. American style pizza from a pan is becoming still more and more popular and in Poland as well there are lots of people who love this fluffy pizza pie.

Additional information:
  • Packaging: 20 sachets × 200 g
  • Proportioning: 1 sachet 200 g for 5 kg of flour (directly to flour before kneading)