Ibis® Organic Bread

Ibis Organic Bread is a bread improver especially recommended for the manufacture of Organic Bread and Specialty Bread.

It is adapted to short, long fermentation and retarded dough bread-making processes.

  • The assurance of improved tolerance
    Ibis Biorganic regulates fermentation and prevents dough from losing its resistance. Ibis Biorganic guarantees perfect dough consistency at all stages of production, whatever the process used.
  • The guarantee of improved consistency
    and quality to your organic bread and specialty bread.
    Attractive presentation thanks to perfect scoring, and optimal volume.
Additional information:
  • Available units: Bag 10 kg
  • Dosage: Short method: from 0.8 to 1% of flour weight (from 800g to 1kg for 100kg flour). Retarded dough/ready-to-bake: 1% of flour weight (1kg for 100kg flour).
  • Product with Clean Label
Files to download: