Ibis® Organic Sweet Dough

Ibis Organic Sweet Dough is an improver especially developed for the production of organic sweet specialties (brioche, sandwich bread, regional specialties, milk bread) and Viennese pastries.

  • Improved dough tolerance
    Ibis Biorganic guarantees perfect dough consistency at all stages of production.
  • The guarantee of better consistency and quality in your organic brioche and viennese pastry specialties
  • Prolonged freshness and softness
    Ibis Biorganic helps keep your brioche products fresher and softer for longer.
  • Aesthetic-looking organic brioche products to meet your customers’ expectations.
Additional information:
  • Available units: Bag 10 kg
  • Dosage: from 0.8% to 1% of flour weight (from 800 g to 1kg for 100 kg flour).
  • Product with Clean Label
Files to download: