Magimix Silver

Improver for wheat and mixed bakery products

Silver Magimix is a great improver extending the freshness of bread. It proves to be efficient both in industrial and small bakeries applications. particularly recommended for the production of wheat bread, for example, traditional polish bread. silver extends the shelf life of bread by increasing the dough water holding capacity. Besides it stabilizes the dough during processing, increases the yield and ensures optimal volume of the finished product. The unquestionable advantage is the fact that bread with Silver Magimix has a natural taste and aroma.

Additional information:
  • Available units: Box 17,5 kg
  • Dosage: 0.3–0.5% of used flour weight, i.e. 0.3–0.5 kg improver for 100 kg flour (directly into flour before kneading)
  • Product with Clean Label
Files to download: