Woodcutter’s bakery mix
Woodcutter’s bakery mix

Woodcutter’s is a 30% bakery mix for the production of bread rolls with a high grain content

A significant part of the mix ingredients (44%) are grains: sunflower, brown linseed, Spanish salvia (Salvia hispanica) seeds and black cumin seeds. Woodcutter’s Roll thanks to the high content of various seeds has a very attractive appearance, extremely elastic crumb structure and distinctive flavor. Baked products remain fresh and aromatic for a long time. The advantage of the Woodcutter’s mix is the diversity of product presentation. The idea of Lesaffre technologists to diversify and enrich the taste and visual values of the Woodcutter’s roll is to use the new Dark & Light sprinkles.

Additional information:
  • Available units: bag 25 kg
  • Dosage: 30% of used flour weight, i.e. 30 kg mix for 70 kg flour (directly into flour before kneading)
Files to download: