I’hirondelle Biorganic

Safe and efficient solution to prepare the highest quality organic bread

Certified organic in accordance with the new regulations of the European Union!

  • Our yeast is made from raw materials confirmed by a bio certificate, according to the method of cultivation, which does not compromise environmental sustainability and is environment friendly. 
  • Our industrial processes are safe and secure to avoid the risk of cross-contamination and guarantee absolute identification through automated control systems, improved cleaning and rinsing procedures as well as rational storage.
  • Our yeast has a high fermentation capacity to guarantee a perfectly controlled baking process.
  • Reliability: our organic yeast has been tested and is popular among bakers due to its quality and reliability, regardless of the use: sweet, normal or sour dough.
Additional information:
  • Available packaging: 10 kg box: 4 2.5 kg packages consisting of 5 blocks of 500 g, individually packed in white Kraft paper. Perfect for frequent, regular use. 2.5 kg Minipack boxes containing 1 package of 5 x 500 g blocks, ideal for small, regular baked goods. Each package ensures excellent hygiene and convenient storage.
  • Shelf life: In optimal conditions, fresh I'hirondelle Bioorganic yeast can be stored until the date of minimum shelf life stated on the packaging.
Files to download: