Grandma yeast for sweet bakery products

Grandma yeast for sweet bakery products

Thanks to advanced production technology, yeast has very high activity, which guarantees perfect structure of yeast dough after baking. Excellent for yeast cakes with crumble, fruit, yeast croissants, yeast bundt cakes and many others, which was confirmed by consumers during marketing research. This is an offer for admirers of delicious home-made sweet bakery products, who again and again want to enjoy the aromas and delicious taste of yeast cakes. The product does not contain any preservatives.

Yeast for sweet bakery products is a guarantee of a successful cake!

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Additional information:
  • Available packaging: Collective package: 2.7 kg box, 1 kg box. Unit package cube 100 g
  • Shelf life: 30 days
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