Croissant Extra

Croissant Extra is a high-quality mix for the production of yeast-raised Danish pastries.

Particularly recommended for the production of croissants and other Danish cookies with filling. Delicate “fluffy” crumb with even structure combined with high volume are the main advantages of this product. The mix guarantees fast and simple production by shortening the traditional methods and also satisfactory volume. An additional advantage is the long shelf life of finished products.

Recipe for Croissant Extra


Ingredients [g]

Wheat flour T500

1 000





Fat (oil)



60 g


ok. 520 - 550

Margarine to be put into the dough

400 - 450

Dough temperature



Knead all ingredients of the dough for 3 minutes at slow speed + 4-5 min at high speed. Allow initial fermentation for 10 min at 2-5 °C, then put the fat into the dough (margarine or butter) and laminate - roll twice to a thickness of 4-5 mm, fold for the first time in 4 and then in 3 layers. Then leave the dough to rest for 15 minutes at 2-5 °C and then shape it. Main fermentation for about 60 - 70 min at 30 °C and air humidity 80 - 85%.

Baking: 170 – 180°C

Baking time: 14 – 15 minutes