We know that being responsible in business does not mean only compliance with all the formal and legal requirements imposed by acts and other regulations. It is also an effective management strategy which through a social dialogue contributes to the increase of the competitiveness of our company and creates an environment for the balanced social and economic development. Lesaffre Polska S.A. is the company that represents a high level of organizational culture.

As one of the leading and the most important entities in the region the company has been supporting charitable and non-profit organizations for many years. Participation in different kinds of events allows us to create a positive image.

Lesaffre is engaged in building of positive relations with other companies through active participation in meetings of the commercial chambers, employers ‘ organizations and labour offices. Lesaffre Polska S.A. is a member of the Chamber of Commerce in Opole, Business Centre Club, Environment Protection Club of Opole Silesia (Klub Ochrony Środowiska Śląska Opolskiego) , French Chamber of Commerce & Industry. A membership in these organizations promotes the company not only in the region but also all over Poland. Moreover this membership makes us more important in the operating area. Thanks to the exchange of experience we can share with good working practices.


The priority of the production activity of Lesaffre Polska is a constant improvement of the environmental impact. The plant of Lesaffre Polska in Wołczyn is one of the most modern, and thus the least energy consuming factories in Central Europe.

The company can pride on the Cleaner Production Company Certificate awarded in 1999, and then confirmed in 2005 by the Association of Polish Movement of Cleaner Production and European Ecological Organization: Professional Development in Environmental Management and Cleaner Production in Industry, after the implementation of the project within the trainings cycle „Environment management in small and medium size companies. Practical aspects of environment management systems implementation”

The Certificate of the Cleaner Production Company proves the pro-ecological policy of the company that within the last 10 years introduced many modernizations that contributed much to the decreasing of the impact of the factory on the environment. It also increased environmental awareness among the employees.

The projects including i.a. a construction of the evaporation station and aerobic waste water treatment plant were awarded both by the Committee of the Polish Cleaner Production Movement and by the Ecological Organization – Polish Green Network (Polska Zielona Sieć) as a benchmark product realized on the area of Opole province.

As for the waste management the activities of the company aim at reducing of waste at the very source. The waste management policy is based on its recovery or recycling. Thus the company is co-operating with specialist companies that minimize the quantity of waste materials.