LESAFFRE Partner of Bakers

As a reliable and socially responsible company, we focus our daily activities around close cooperation with the Clients - bakers and confectioners. These relationships are based on partnership, loyalty and dialogue. We listen to consumers' comments, analyze them thoroughly and broaden our range of products according to their needs. We make every effort to ensure that our products meet the market and resellers’ expectations.

We effectively combine modernity and contemporary trends with tradition, ancient recipes, natural ingredients. Expertise, supported by experience is the basis for the creation of innovative solutions, surprising and satisfying even for the most demanding Clients.

We have a team of skilled bakery technologists who effectively support the market throughout the country. Shows and training sessions take place mainly in bakeries and pastry shops, but the place which the technologists focus on and where the skills of working with our products are systematically developed and improved is the bustling heart of the company - Baking Center in Warsaw.