Borodyński is a 30% bakery mix for the production of traditional bread from the East

Bread from Borodyński mix is ​​a traditional bread from the East, popular in post-Soviet countries. The finished product has a high content of dietary fiber, and is also a source of protein that contributes to the growth of muscle mass and helps maintain healthy bones. Borodyński has an exceptionally aromatic and dark crumb and a sweet aftertaste, which is due to the rye malt and grain coffee extract it contains. The baked bread has a traditional look and stays fresh for a long time. The hint of coriander contained in the mix further emphasizes the unique taste and aroma of the bread. The product bears the "Clean Label" mark.

Additional information:
  • Available units: bag 25 kg
  • Dosage: 30% of used flour weight, i.e. 30 kg mix for 70 kg flour (directly into flour before kneading)