Magimix Fresh

Magimix Fresh is an improver that facilitates the machine process and ensuring high volume and regular crumb structure

Magimix Fresh – is a high-quality bakery improver which significantly increases softness and freshness of bread. It is designed for wheat and mixed breads, including pre-packaged breads. Particularly suitable for Baltona-type bread. Application of the Magimix Fresh improver has a positive effect on the water absorption of the dough as well as on the entire processing. The taste and smell of the finished products are not affected by the use of Magimix Fresh improver.

Prolongs freshness of wheat and mixedbreads. Particularly suitable for wheat and rye Baltona-type bread


  • prolonged freshness of bread
  • bigger volume and a fine, even crumb
  • universal - suitable for wheat and mixed breads
  • economical
  • increased water absorption of the dough
  • improved processing tolerance
  • stabilises dough during processing
Additional information:
  • Available units: Cardboard box 17.5 kg
  • Dosage: 1% in relation to the amount of flour, i.e. 1 kg of mix for 100 kg of flour (added directly to the flour before mixing).