Kastalia is an innovative system of cooling and distribution of liquid yeast.

The system facilitates the preparation of bakery products and optimizes the production process, while maintaining a high level of hygiene and safety of yeast use.

The Kastalia system consists of:

  • Refrigerator with electronic temperature control
  • One or two-compartment refrigerator provides optimal storage conditions for yeast
  • Yeast dispensing system
  • The system guarantees the hygienic use and precise dosing of the yeast
  • Liquid yeast in the Bag in Box packaging
  • Kastalia yeast - the highest quality stable yeast produced in the plant in Wołczyn
  • Additional equipment - measuring scoop, hanging system

The measuring scoop makes it easier to measure the amount of yeast needed and its dosing in the production process. The hanging system is an option for those customers who prefer such a solution for the installation of Kastalia in their plant.

Additional information:
  • Available packages: 22 kg carton box
  • Shelf life: 26 days
Files to download: